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Kobe Bryant – The Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant – The Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is arguably the greatest basketball player in the world history through the force of his will and the range of his skills. The Nickname Of Kobe Bryant Are – The Dagger, Kob-Me, Izzo, Mr.81. He can take possession of the games like no other player alive but he remains a man who feels yet unfulfilled a man still haunted by the ghosts of what he craves most Kobe wants to be Michael worse he wants to be more than Michael.

He wants to be larger and grander than Michael wants to retire someday known as the greatest basketball player who ever lived in the world of pro basketball Kobe is like Napoleon dreaming of Alexander the Great both conquered worlds but Alexander came first and he did it best brilliant charismatic the universally revered Koby was raised to be who he is today by pedigree and upbringing by how. He was trained from an early age to achieve in excel in his competitive fire and will to win.

He is more like a great racehorse than any human athlete of our time the son of an NBA player who starred in Italy and who brought his son into locker rooms to games to the smells and chalkboards that defined that world.

He played the game incessantly obsessively and he mimicked MJ at every turn in style in work ethic in skills alas to behold him now a prisoner of someone else’s legacy rising like Michael on his fadeaway that look of passionate intensity on his face driving the lane tongue wagging in his search for individuation Kobe at last found himself an artist and impersonation.

This is me this is how how do you elevate your team I didn’t get to mix them you have to have some kind of luck in the answer to prayer Kobe Bryant MVP how does that say sounds pretty awesome sounds pretty awesome it’s uh this is it feels great it feels great and you know more so because we all share in this together.

I think that’s the greater sense of enjoy yeah I like to say that to come to that conclusion I just sit here you know eleven want to go out they do crazy you’ve said you came to trust teammates more when did that happen how does it happen is that something you decided going into the season no you know it’s something that you know we talk about as a group and the first thing I seriously.

I told you guys already the rep not only being ready for the moment but wanting that moment and then coming to me instead of cold I’m ready you kidding to number knock it down you know those are things that I wanted to see that I needed to see they made me look good because by then working hard and doing all the things that they’ve done about coming through in clutch situations making right place now people are looking at me like.

I’ve done something miraculous when they’ve done all the work then you can start smelling that familiar smell means dairy joke all the time you’re doing a season comedy look at each other’s name this started smelling familiar that’s when we got really excited can you sense it difficult as I asked including Lamar said he was so serious few years ago that this is a new not a new person but a new side and involving sigh can you feel that this is me this is how their us my kids my way this I am all the time you know.

I think it’s just yeah we have a team that we all get along and we all enjoyed shows country it was tough to to do that when the chemistry is in people you know in the teams that we played over the past I was such a huge age difference there’s a lot of bickering going on you know with distance do you having it everybody can just be themselves.

We just just laugh joke rip each other it’s funny somebody because I had a lot of trouble understanding English and the slang but one thing I had in common with some of my other students and classmates with basketball Bryant was such a sensational prep player that he became a national phenom drawing sellout crowds to high school games near Philly college coaches.

What’s up born of speaking arts I’m about to give a little presentation for two and a half minutes three minutes we’re entering the classroom my name is Kobe Bryant 17 years old father played professional basketball played for the Philadelphia 76ers used to Rockets and San Diego clippers I’m about six nine and a half six $10 going well let him tell her he’s just as tall as I am I would say six six maybe six six and a half you played professional basketball for eight years and after eight years after eight years.

We decided that the best way to move on to take his town elsewhere so we packed our bags and moved in I know Kobe does but I don’t speak Italian though Giocondo I got this yeah I used to be so fluently Malphite that was his first language because I mean how much English did you pick up from from the Asian one to five years old.

So it’s very hard my father told us that he’s retired from the game of basketball and that it was time for us to come back to America evidently he had a very good experience overseas and you’re up there and I’m thankful he’s in America it was very hard didn’t adjust it simply because I had a lot of trouble understanding English and the slang but one thing.

I had in comment with some of my other students and classmates was basketball so fathers and Saturdays I would go to my rec room with my basketball basically dribbling myself to sleep and I think that that was the best thing that could ever happen to me because they’re doing those lonely hours in the rec room.

I discovered the hunger motivation a desire to be the best possible basketball player that I could be he’s without question the best high school player I’ve ever seen I’ve never seen a player that just brings to the table the kind of skills that he does you know if you’re a ball player and you have to rely on other people to you know get your shots so say he doesn’t need that I mean he can work hard to get his own thing because he can have the ball so well I think that’s probably his strongest points besides jumping ability.

He does some things that any basketball player would wish I mean I’m not trying to you know the bukkake at this but you know he doesn’t things in the court that that that we couldn’t do in to hit a ladder what’s your favorite shot pool up shot I love it because you got opportunity to make you defended a little dance with the by the top of the key put a little move on him defenders falling back you taking the one spot.

He takes you’re going to the basket slides all the way back and you just pull it right in his face I love that you rather do something spectacular offensively or defensively défis no question no question cuz I’d come down and do a thousand windows but God’s coming at you full speed nothing in protecting the house cars going up trying to talk or whatever and I go up I just catch the boy and I throw it out of bounds but blocking so I can start a fast break I love that it gives me such a big.

I have a big decision coming up and that’s whether or not go to college or straight to the NBA do you know what you’re going to do you know it’s like it’s like a balance beam like one week I said to myself hey I would like to move in yeah I’m gonna do cuz I think I saw Chicago play Orlando something.

I got excited then see you know coming up late dude hey it’s college atmosphere it’s crazy this one I wanted don’t want Border Collies I changed my mind like every other week but obvious that point I guess what you think anything was what I want to do that’s what I decide he does have the skills to possibly succeed in the NBA to a certain extent right now but if he went to college that would be a great option also he’s a kid that can do anything.

I’ll play that LaSalle University in early 70s and I tell you how to good career there I really enjoyed it the college experience was was something that was special it only comes around once in a lifetime.

I enjoyed it everybody comes up to me says well you have to go to the South because your father’s do that’s not true my father’s raised me to be an individual my brothers really get individual they’ve always said Kobe I want you to make your own decision I’ve admired a lot of people people such as Magic Johnson Michael Jordan and Miss Smith but the two people that I admire the most so I my mother and my father I love him so much.

I can’t explain it I love my mother so much he done so much for me my father to my sisters as well they’ve always been there for me so sorry I said listening I love you social nuts what is it about this game that you love here in the ball bounce defendant yes you get I’m making a great pass I love you I love jumping I love Duncan I love hearing the crowd the whole game is just tremendous.

You know I sound like it’d be a commercial or something like I love this game I do I love it he’s a young man that has worked hard to get to this point this did I right or wrong you know who knows only he can make that decision as time goes on that’s all I need you go ahead.

It’s the still joke on dog got this we’re not close okay I Cal middle-click see it I’m basically said that I’d love to get a basketball I’ve been playing basketball since I was three four or five years old I’m gonna keep playing basketball hopefully forever and I just love this game very much thank you all.

You’ve been a great audience thank you that was the first time joining her then I can remember playing basketball where it’s just wasn’t even fun for you wasn’t fun I didn’t want blame Bryant was five when his father signed to play basketball in Italy and move the family there the Bryan’s bonded tightly in Europe loving and loyal to each other so it was tough for 22 year old Kobe.

When he decided to marry a young Latino and his parents objecting that he was too young and she not black did not attend the wedding the split lasted through two NBA championships in which Kobe also became the league’s premier shooting guard the estrangement ended after Vanessa Bryant had a baby girl because I didn’t care one way or another.

I mean they come to me and they asked me about those team is at the center here it is June how does it feel not not to be enough I don’t like it I don’t like it just feels like something’s missing you know I’ve been so used to planning this at this point in time to not be playing right now it says it hurts so remember you know you at 17 little baby face coming in you had an advantage of your family and your father in particular having been an NBA player to help with that adjustment.

How did your dad help you it started from when I was 5 years old you know I was just hanging around him hanging around players seeing how you handle different types of scenarios how would you characterize your relationship with your father today it’s good it feels good to have him back we’d heard about the estrangement between you two how difficult was that for you Kobe it was very hard you know when things were kind of at his peak was the year when everybody was you know an immediate had this big thing going on between.

She killed and to me I mean I was it was it was funny to me that people were trying to make that a big deal because I didn’t care one way or another I mean they come to me and they asked me about whose team was at that other and I didn’t kill me that’s not this is not a serious issue to me.

I have another issue that I’m dealing with right now that’s you know that’s that’s real I mean I was the first time doing it that I could remember playing basketball where it just wasn’t even fun for me was it fun I didn’t wanna play anymore I know this was a difficult time that you have just gone through what was the most difficult aspect of it I’m not having my mother my father do you know all these great things were happening.

When it’s Hampton says when I lost I gave me BPD and things like that but I didn’t have him there to share it with I had my own family to start my own family with my wife everything was going great everything’s good but you just want your parents there with you yes.

It wasn’t there so I was a house there they weren’t there for the wedding No how hard was that one of the happiest days of your life not to had those two important people there as he was tough I mean at the time he was something that something that had to be done.

I mean we just weren’t we were so far apart from each other didn’t seem like anything was gonna happen and say might want to men to anything what was it about you going on with your life that seemed to really cause this rift you know taking matters into my own hands marrying my wife so young they didn’t know uh.

You know all this other stuff and there’s there’s a lot going on I didn’t know her did they object to her without even really knowing her yeah I must have hurt absolutely um when did you all come back together how long even this was recently so I say three weeks ago man – three weeks ago this is been recent.

I’m happy about well you think it’s time to pass it on to the brown the mean to you doing a championship with this group of guys probably looks like he’s on a mission tonight I saw a different Colby last year where you took your game even to a whole nother level.

The MVP came your way because of that how does it all come together last year and you becoming the MVP we got power soul it’s a lot easier to make players better that are that good anyway you don’t know me exactly it makes the job a lot easier but guys stepping up and coming into their own after years of kind of working with him now.

He finally stepped into that spotlight and we’re ready for it you know Lamar was he was ready the Sasha was ready and so now it made it a lot easier for me to trust them they’re just a fun year this is a fun year and they made it a lot easier for me Boston is back strong again the Lakers are back strong again could be on a collision course one more to hope.

So, yes what is it gonna take this time to beat them do you know what you need to do as a team to beat them the second couple things you know one day were tougher than we were physically tougher stronger and they impose their will on you got to be a little tougher gotta get a little meaner outside of that we got to be a better defensive team now.

The main way has been on record said that the Redeem team would be the dream team sure LeBron James thinks the same thing you know i won’t even jump into that war well I would just say this then who would you guard MJ yeah no question speaking of MJ when we passed a torch and Larry Bird and I pass it to Michael now here you are the best player on the planet when will you think it’s time to pass it on to LeBron give me one more championship no 1.

Kobe Bryant – Before They Famous

I can’t believe how fast 20 years went by methis is crazy born and raised in Philadelphia Kobe Bryant started playing basketball at thetender age of three years olds through his triumphs and tribulations he has been compared to his idols and holds incredible merit in the basketball community nicknamed the black mamb.

After 20 years playing ball the NBA has seen its final days of Bryant dominating the court but there is still so much more to this story than meets the eye Kobe Bryant was called one of the greatest players in the history of our game by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

He New York Times wrote that he has had one of the most decorated careers in the history of the sport Reuters called him arguably the best player of his generation while both Sporting News and TNT named him their NBA player of the decade forthe 2000.

He would also earn negative media exposure with an incident involving a young girl in 2003 that would irreparably hurt his reputation hmmmy name is Amber Smith filling in for Michael McCrudden documenting the life of Kobe Bryant prior to Fame here for you on before they were famous as always.

Let us know in the comment section down below who’s next alright goodnight try what I’m about to attempt right now I told you Kobe bean Brian was born August 23rd 1978 he’s the son of former NBA player Joe Bryan and mom Pamela hewas born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania as the youngest of three children and the only boy two sisters Shia and sherea

He is also the maternal nephew of basketball player John chubby cough swhoops ooh funny about because because his parents named him after the famous beef of Kobe Japan which they saw on are staurant menuhis middle name bean is derived from his father’s nickname jelly bean when Brianwas 6 years old.

His father left the NBA and moved the family to Italy to continue playing professional basketball Brian became accustomed to his new lifestyle and learned to speak fluent Italian a better question be a joke with my son during summers would come back to the United States to play in a basketball summer league.

Kobe Bryant enjoyed a successful high school basketball career at Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania where he was recognized as the top high school basketball player in the country during his junior year he averaged 31.1 points ten point four rebounds and 5.2 assists and was named pennsy lvania player of the year attracting the attention from college recruiters.

In the process Duke North Carolina Villanova and Michigan were all at the top of his list however when Kevin Garnett went in the first round of the 1995 NBA draw Kobe began considering going directly to the pros in 1996 Bryant took R&B; singer brandy to a senior prom though that you were andremain just friends waited too long to make your move.

Now you’re in the friend zoneno no no I’m not in the zone Oh Ross you’re mayor of the zone after high school however the 17-year old Brian made the decision to go directly into the NBA only the sixth player in NBA history to ever do so he declared for the NBA Draft upon graduation and was selected with the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets who traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers as a rookie Brian earned himself a reputation as a high flyer and a fan favorite by winning the 1997 slam dunk contest.

He was named an all-star by his second season what a block shot go by Kobe Ryan on the other end Ching now what’s really cool about this guy is that his basketball skill sare incredible but his SAT score of 1080 would have ensured admission to any college he chose but he did not officially visit any campuses.

Since he was still 17 at the time of the draft his parents had to co-sign his contract with the Lakers until he was able to sign his own when he turned 18 before the season began as a rookie in the 1996-1997 year Brian mostly came off the bench behind guards Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exelat the time he became the youngest player ever to play in an NBA game and also became the youngest NBA starter ever at 18 years and 158 days by the end of the season.

He averaged 15.5 minutes a game during the all-star weekend Brian participated in the rookie challenge and when the 1997 slam dunk contest becoming the youngest dunk champion ever at the age of 18 in Brian’s second season.

He received more playing time and began to show more of his abilities as a talented young guard as a result his point averages more than doubled from 7.6 to 15.4 points per game which was the highest of any non-starter in the season the 98 99 season mark Bryant’s emergence as a premier guard in the league with starting guards Van Exel and Jones traded Bryant started every game for the lockout shortened 50 game season.

You were to receive a compliment from one player in the league whose compliment would mean the most to care about you during the season Bryant signed a six-year contract extension worth 70 million dollars in November of 1999 21 year-old Bryant met 17 year-old Vanessa Lane while she was working as a background dancer for a music video and that she began dating just six months after that they were engaged Jeffy don’trace it you know.

We keep it banging don’t plaintiff oh so oh the real estate they stood up they married April 18th 2001 much to Kobe Bryant’s parents dismay as they were opposed to the marriage for a number of reasons reportedly his parents had problems with him marrying so young especially to a woman.

Who was not african american this disagreement resulted in an estrangement period over the course of two years which ended when the couple’s first daughter was born he then teamed up with superstar center Shaquille O’Neal to win three consecutive NBA championships from 2000 to 2002 he also inked a multi-year endorsement deals with Adidas sprite and other top sponsors in the summer of 2003.

Kobe Bryant was actually arrested in connection with an investigation of asexual assault complaint filed by 19 year-old hotel employee Burton Frank had checked into the lodge and spa at Cordillera in Eagle County.

In advance of undergoing a knee surgery nearby the accuser actually stated that Bryant had raped her in his hotel room the night before he was supposed to have his knee surgery procedure now Kyle be admitted to an adulterous sexual encounter with his accuser but denied

The sexual assault allegation but this accusation tarnished Brian’s reputation as the public’s perception of him plummeted and his endorsement contract with McDonald’s and Nutella were terminated sales for Bryant’s replica jersey fell significantly from the previous high now in of 2004 the assault case was actually dropped by prosecutors after the accuser refused to testify.

In the trial now taking it back to the court the Laker struggled after Shaquille O’Neal left in 2004 but Bryan’sperformed brilliantly he scored 81points against the Toronto Raptors in January 2006.

The second highest single-game mark in NBA history and led the lead in scoring that year and the next their second daughter Gianna Murrayhonoré Brian was born in 2006 on December 16 2011 Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and the couple requested joint custody of their daughter On January 11 2013 Brandt and his wife both actually announced via social media thatthey had called off their divorce.

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