POR Vs MIN Dream11

POR Vs MIN Dream11 Team & Prediction (100% Win)

Portland Trail Blazers (POR)

The Trailblazers have won three games in a row. None of the wins have come against elite or even average competition, but getting wins under their belt must feel good. Their stars are offensively clicking and the pieces are beginning to fit. They have a tough series of games coming up so any momentum they can gather will be welcome.

Probable Starters From POR

  1. Point Guard – D Lillard
  2. Shooting Guard – C McCollum
  3. Small Forward – K Bazemore
  4. Power Forward – C Anthony
  5. Center – H Whiteside

Minnesota Timberwolves (MIN)

The Timberwolves have now lost nine games in a row the longest active losing streak in the NBA. There is some solace in that the last two losses were close, and four of the losses came against elite teams – Lakers, Dallas, Clippers and Utah. With the Timberwolves hitting a simpler schedule over the next ten games, there is hope that they can turn some of those into wins. One thing, though, is for sure they need Tons back in order to get back to winning ways.

Probable Starters From MIN

  1. Point Guard – J Teague
  2. Shooting Guard – A Wiggins
  3. Small Forward – J Okogie
  4. Power Forward – T Graham
  5. Center – G Dieng

POR Vs MIN Dream11 Top Picks

D Lillard – Lillard blew up against the Magic, finishing with 36 points and 6 assists, while shooting a blistering 62% from the field. He is averaging 31 points per game over the past three games.

H Whiteside – Whiteside did not score much against the Magic (just 10 points), but contributed in other areas including 17 rebounds and 5 blocks. He is averaging nearly 4 blocks and 16 rebounds a game over the past 5 games.

C McCollum – McCollum too was solid against Magic with 31 points and eight rebounds; among his better games this season. He is averaging 30+ points over the last three games, allowing the Trailblazers to feel the full potential of their offensive powers.

A Wiggins – Wiggins is coming off a 19 point game against the Nuggets. It was his first game below 20 points in five games. Without Towns, there is increasing pressure on Wiggins to deliver, and he did not against the Nuggets. With Towns expected to miss some more time, Wiggins needs to at least be hitting his season averages.

J Teague – Teague was below average against the Nuggets with 13 points and just two assists. That is an improvement over his 5 point outing against the Pelicans. But he will need to find the form he had a week ago (where he averaged 23 points per game), If the Pelicans are to survive Towns absence.

R Covington – Covington was below average with just 10 points and two steals. He is an elite defender, and his key task is keeping opposing stars in check. But with Towns out, he is automatically the team’s third best player, and will need to contribute at the offensive end as well.

Best Bench Players

  1. S Napier
  2. A Simons
  3. R Covington
  4. S Labissiere

Grand League Tips

  1. Join With 6 Teams.
  2. Try To Select SP From My Key Players List.
  3. Join Contest 1 Day Before Because So Many People Forget To Change Their Teams In Last Time.
  4. For Get Latest Update Of Both Teams You Can Follow Their Official Twitter Account On Twitter
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  6. In This Match POR Looking Stronger Than MIN.

POR Vs MIN Dream11 Team

POR Vs MIN Dream11

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